Calling all ma-art!

Si hoshi nagmula sa mahirap, tumutulong sa mga ma-a-art.

kaya ‘di bale na magdildil ng asin basta ma-i-blog lang ‘to”

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HEYEHEYE2In the span of our lives, we acquire shards and pieces of memories. Some pieces have rough and jagged edges that leave us bleeding in depression and despair that often leaves to our demise. These pieces leave so much bleeding that we forcibly extract it out of our lives and bandage it as much as we can and never attempt to remove those bandages as it may worsen the bleeding it once inflicted. There are pieces that have smooth edges that bring fortune and happiness our lives. Although some pieces are it smooth edged or rough and jagged edged, we leave out, we disregard. We choose to disregard it because sometimes it brings back memories that we don’t want to remember, that we want to forget or keep hidden from ourselves and of others. There are pieces of memories we keep, there are pieces we throw away, there are pieces we forge and there are those that we share.

These are not just parts or pieces of our memory that we keep to remember or discard or forget; rather they are pieces and shards that make up who are, it identifies us. Memory is a part of the past and a reflection of the present.

In art- production, memories are translated into studies and sketches. These sketches and studies are used as vehicles to produce larger and grander art pieces. They outline what the artist wants to evoke in the physical and in the mental plane. Often, artists keep these studies as a reference for future productions. However, there are some pieces regardless of their aesthetic beauty or visual complexity are forgotten, lost in the passage of the creative purpose otherwise discarded and thrown away due to its lack of purpose and sensibility. There are some artists that don’t need sketches and just move along in the creative process with such spontaneity.

In these studies and sketches regardless of where they end up – to kept, forgotten or thrown, it shows us the progression of an artist thought. It outlines the very nature of an artist’s visual coherence. It gives pieces of information that leads to an abundant juxtaposed ideas and thoughts that is translated into a concerto of coherent images, phrases and words. These sketches and studies is the backbone of every artist. It is the vehicle wherein artists attempt to identify themselves in aspects that they can understand. Hence, it is a conceptual outline of an artist’s thoughts and ideas. Since they are conceptual in nature, they are often scattered whether in the contents of a studio or the confines of the creative mind.

This exhibition is an attempt to collectively juxtapose pieces of memory translated by sketches and studies. The exhibit is meant to re-discover, to outline, and to review the creative and artistic progression of thought, idea and concept developed by the artists in the search of his identity.

Exhibition Scope and Limitation

Artists who would which to participate in this exhibition must conform to the specific scope and limitations.


  • Artists have the option to sell or to donate their sketches to the audiences.
  • Artists must be willing to have their sketches be mounted on the exhibit panel with the necessary equipment.

· Artists should be willing to accept the circumstances that their sketches will encounter if such events occur.

  • Artists may or may not place any title to their sketches or studies; no wall text attached to the art work will be placed.

Sketches & Studies

  • May cover any given subject and topic (e.g. figure, portraits and landscapes), unless given limitation by the gallery and its organizers.
  • May use any paper surface regardless of size measurement.
  • May use any medium (e.g. pencil, charcoal, conte’ crayon, crayon, watercolor, pen & ink, acrylic and oil)

· Sketches and/ or studies must not be graphic, digital and/or computer generated works that uses any relevant computer software.

  • Sketches or Studies is limited only to drawings and any form of literary work.

· Preferably works would be in sketched in black and white. Color may be used but only to certain degree. Full colored works will not be accepted.

  • Preferably works must be a rough, unfinished, incomplete, raw, drafted, un-edited (literary works). Final art works will not be accepted.
  • Studies & sketches must not be framed or enclosed in any protective sealing.
  • Studies & sketches must be still intact; able to mount on an exhibition panel for a designated time.
  • May or may not include signatures; dates may be included.
  • Sketches and studies must not have any sentimental value just in case it is damaged during the exhibit, donated or sold to the audiences.

Exhibition Objectives

This exhibit hopes to accomplish and seek the following:

  • To be able to present the visual arts in a way that anyone can understand and relate.
  • To be able to share personal or collective memories through unfinished sketches or studies.
  • To be able to see the progression of an artist through a portfolio of unfinished works.
  • To be able to mobilize ideas in a creative vehicle in a way that people can easily relate.
  • To allow a personal and collective self discovery of human creativity and artistic capability.
  • To discover the artistic and creative identity.

For inquiries, please call/text: 0919-5785450/ 0932-2801171

Landline every evening: 672-3353

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    1. len kahit literary piece daw pwede nung college. kinukuha na nga yung mga gawa ko raw noong college. eh d naman ako nag-a-aral nung college eh. joke!

      kaya mamaya hahalungkatin ko na ang aking mga obra maestra. this is it. hehehe. sana lang yung makuha ko ay yung di flat 5. hehee

  1. I don’t know If I said it already but …Cool site, love the info. I do a lot of research online on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks, 🙂

    A definite great read..Jim Bean

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