Break muna: GiGi

Pritong Galunggong

Yeah know, before, when you mention about geilung-gong or blue mackerel scad, you’re talking about the fish of  mass.

– delicious and affordable fish

-may price watch pa

– easy access  in the market.

-and yeah easy to hold din unlike catfish (in Tagalog -hitokiri este hito)

kaya it’s not so chic na. di bahh!? my nanay said high end na ito compare to tilaps, i mean tilapia and milk fish (bangus un friend).  even yung one na  kuma-candidate can’t detect it anymore e.

well, all i can say sa lahat ng pride, i like pride galunggong with the  scientific name Decapterus macrosoma . (with or without yung bote mo para sa Prito or si Mr.  Tomas)