Monologue: If I Marry You…

I am always striving to become positive in my life because ,by default, we think negative di ba?  But marriage is something that’s hard for me to imagine so positive. Palaging may idea of separation, jealousy, affair,  and divorce.  Perhaps, I think like kasi galing ako sa broken  and complicated family. But  I believe in blessings, power of love, and good results of commitment.   So my dear future husband, here’s my message if I marry you:

I love  you! I will not marry a man for fame, fortune, and power. I don’t live in the standard of others. I don’t like a trophy husband. I like to spend my time with the person who I’m comfortable to talk to every morning, kiss anytime of the day, and hug every night. And I know this love makes me stay and fight with you through thick and thin.

I’m going to be your lifetime partner.   Sorry dear, I am not a sweet woman who gives you a movie-like gestures. I don’t usually do flower stuff, luxury gifts, and surprises. But you can expect respect, loyalty, team work, care, trust, and love from me. You don’t have to treat me like  a princess. First of all, I’m not from a fairy tale land. But we can be like anime characters – serious, hilarious, passionate, colorful, desire to join force, playful, rely on support of loved ones , and partnership. I don’t forget that we’re two different individuals with different strengths and weaknesses. And yet we complement each other.

You’re a  great blessing for me. I don’t believe in love at first sight nor love is blind. True Love for me is a blessing. It’s not something we can just order anytime or achieve out of mere perseverance. It comes, grows, empowers, and bind us together. And I thank God that He gives me a man like you who loves me for being beautiful with ugliness, confident with insecurities, and totally imperfect.

I commit my now and future with you. It’s not easy to change, but expect we’re going to evolve, be happy, and face future together.

With you, I now  believe that a happy marriage and family is so Real! 




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