Am I Ambitious or gritty? Hello 2016!

A friend asked me last December what were my favorite quotes or slogans… one of my answer was  “It’s smarter to be lucky than it’s lucky to be smart.”  Now, I realized that perhaps it made me someone like ambitious, gritty, or a trying hard gal?
I got that quote from  Samurai X or Rurouni Kenshin and I believed it helped me to stay humble,  resilient,  appreciative and passionate in life. I learn to embrace that I’m not artistahin, genius, and rich kid…at kaya kong aminin na hindi ako magaling especially sa grammar. BUT it doesn’t mean I’m pathetic. In contrast, I developed the mindset that if I want something I have to work hard to make it happen.
It’s not easy huh, especially if (in your face) you encounter people who get they want in easily. I remember the time that I cried in silence because I got 3.5 prelim grade in Mathematics when I was in college. That time, I was in a star section, in danger to stop from studying, and I felt that I am an outcast for being a poor boyish gal. And believe me, since birth Math was like a curse in my student life… But I managed to get 1.75 in midterm and my professor specially praised me for that.
Sometimes, I feel that I also become weird  ambitious lady. I do hassle tasks that make me look loser, haggard, and poor that if someone don’t believe that I’m okay, I’ll understand them wholeheartedly. Yung totoo? Masakit yun and it feels like my works are worthless.  But what I’m trying to think is I become loser  whenever I belittle myself and don’t practice self-discipline. At the end of the day our biggest enemy is ourselves  ( like Gen. Antonio Luna said)
But why despite of external and internal factors, I stick with my life goals?  Am i Makulit? or

Do I have grit?

I learned Angela Lee Duckworth‘s research and TED Talk about the key to success is Grit through reading  Rappler‘s article about the factors why Pia Wurtzbach won  in 2015 Miss Universe pageant. I honestly, asking myself  now if I have Grit that Duckworth‘s research shared.  Yes, I left jobs, had unfinished businesses, and perhaps, dissatisfied comrades.


I have so many doubts in my past decisions, but one thing is for sure I never regret or stay regretful because I believe I’m just trying to reach my  dreams -whether they’re impossible or elusive.

If you ask me If am ambitious, yes because I’m  a Capricorn. I can’t really find logical reason other than that. I don’t even know exactly the foundation of my courage. If it’s about my support system, well it is scattered that it’s hard to say it’s strong and solid.  So I end up telling myself- it’s because of my faith.

Going  back to  Grit… I believe it’s true based  on my experiences and I hope I become grittier in good ways this 2016. Duckworth shared, IQ, talent and looks- will not make you a successful individual. Your self-control  grit or continuous passion and perseverance that make your dream become a reality.

About my favorite quote, I connect it now with Grit.

HAPPY NEW Year Everyone!!!

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