Goodbye Work, Hello Business

On Saturday, Bye bye na <muna> ako sa regular  full time job and come December I’ll be a full time entrepreneur.   How’s  my feeling? Totally  tense and preparing for the challenges. Siempre excited din naman pero before maging idealistic gusto ko i-actualize ang mga idea ko sa pamamagitan ng pagiging realistic, deterrminasyon at non-stop sipag. It’s a big risk for me so far because:

1.  i resigned

2. my capital is my savings for 7 months

3. i’ll collaborate with my sister

4. my idea is little bit odd than usual food biz in town

5. monthly, i have to pay my mother’s loan – how much? 5k

6.  need to attend to other personal and family concerns

7. my missions are there already but concrete details nasa polishing period pa.

I can say, halong-halo yung positive sa negative pero i need to conquer those negativities with my:

1. faith – i believe

2. courage – this is my greatest asset kaya ako nagiging risk taker

3. visions –  naniniwala ako na marami akong ideas at kating-kati na akong magkatotoo sila

4. support- i need to secure that emotionally (friends and family)

5.being goal-oriented – i’ll do my best para makuha ko  ang isang bagay na alam kong kaya ko, tama at nararapat

6. being open-minded –  willing to learn, to accept my mistakes, and ideas

7. i don’t want to regret –  hope it will not happen, but kung mangyari na di mag-prosper ang biz at least i can say sinubukan ko. hindi ako naduwag, hindi ako nawalan ng loob at happy ako.

Please pray for me!


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