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habang semi hiatus ako sa at panaka-naka with pabugso-bugsong appearance ako dito ay extra active naman ako sa Twitter. Yes my follower (binabasa mo naman ito di ba so pina-follow mo ako), mas nag-e-emote ako sa Twitter kaysa Facebook na ginagawa ko na naman na gaming show dahil nakahanap na ako ng alternative sa defunct cooking apps na Restaurant City – ang Cafeland.

dahil dyan feeling pantas ang hitad na katulad ko na trying hard to post pa in English at supah put ng hashtag to make my tweets nicer. Pero Day & Dong ha, katuwa rin kapag may nagre-retweet kahit di mo know or follower.  And minsan, pina-follow  ka pa nila because of your amazing tweets kahit parang sa hangin mo lang hinugot, ma-error at ahemmm sablay sa grammar. oh well…


Vanessa favorited your Tweet
31 Aug:

#LettingGo is the #key for moving on. Life is too short to focus on one person.


Krisette Capati favorited your Tweet
31 Aug:

writing is not only^about^ #info, #grammar, and #messages– it’s also a #therapy.

Krisette Capati

 retweeted you
23 Aug:

don’t say being #single is an unhappy status when you are in a #miserable #relationship.


Pecinta Movie and Kirsten Jones retweeted you
10 Aug:

New sched tom., if it works…yehey! I’ll see #sunset everyday! more time for #blog #arts #movie #writing and #humaninteraction

Pecinta Movie Kirsten Jones

Backpacking and thevoyagebegins retweeted you
29 Jul:

The best #photography is not about owning high tech #gismos its having good subjects. where to find good subjects? #travel

Backpacking thevoyagebegins

Meann Deblois retweeted you
28 Jul:

Post content that’s not only compelling but also readable. #SEO #Blogging

Meann Deblois

Vanessa retweeted you
9 May:

make it a habit to stay #neutral and #objective…at least before taking side. it will keep you ^away^ from harm.



  • facing #financial woes is like facing mountain. it’s gonna be huge for you unless you’re determine to conquer it…by actions

my #friendship is not bound of who or what you hates, it’s about how you relate with me. I’m Happy to have numerous #friends in Life

when it comes to admiration, don’t be like a local #telcom– wrong/no signal. when it comes to #love– wrong send.

I don’t think there’s such thing as #commonsense

  • Saying Hi everytime you see him/her doesn’t mean your flirting, it’s a good gesture #basicinstinct

Why I keep #Sparkbook? to count my blessings when I feel like I’m a #Loser

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fairy god sister ni Hitokirihoshi ng, eat food, sing songs, explore life, travel places, meet people and love...advice/stories/tips

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