Happy Anniversary PM

Dear Matt Mullenweg:

I wanna say thank you for creating WordPress. I am Filipino, Pilipinong totoo, fero cajit  dei camay eng first target moh shiguro ay natsutsuwah fa rin akow ( even if we’re maybe not your first target market, i’m still grateful).  Kazei dahil sa yow, nacacapag-blog akow no (because of you, i can blog now) and then there’s my co-blogger PM celebrating her four  years in blogging.

Even though, I’m like duguan while reading her blog because yeah know this girl blogs in English eh I can still understand, smell, touch and sense her. it’s nice to know her virtually and through blogging –  ang kanyang pooksasapot o blog ay salitangpindot (her personal website or blog is wordpress too!)

As your WordPress keeps progressing i hope she two and  me three in blogging.  world. zaka siempre za ivavaw ng lehat ang aquing heling ay meging blogging mazaya zia, mabuhay! (and of course  above all my wish is happy blogging to her, mabuhey!)

Low boast neh gumegelang (Respectfully yours),

hitokirihoshi_kawaii Sr! 



  1. hoshi muntik na ko maheart attack sa kakatawa 😆 salamat! abangan ang susunod na kabanata sa linggo. 😀 di ko alam na may wordpress ka pala (add link ko din to, go!)

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