Fun Tag

Been tagged by Avi

The rule: Name 11 people you can think of right off the top of your head. Don’t read the questions underneath until you write the names of all the 11 people. This is a lot funnier if you actually randomly list the names first. No cheating.

  1. Jen Sy
  2. Cherime
  3. May
  4. EDlyn
  5. Kristy
  6. Ana
  7. ate Marivic
  8. Terenz
  9. Kuya Obet
  10. Avi
  11. Christian Anime

1. How did you meet # 4? I met EDlyn in HRCC, pareho kaming nag-transfer from public school kaya mga casual na tao heheh…She’s one of my very best friends and inspirations.

2. What would you do without #5? I’d be very bored. Kristy was one of my art/ theatre barkada. Like namin ang performing arts at saka maaasahan ang gurlash na ito.

3. What would you do if #2 and # 6 were going out? Cannot be, parehong girl at pamilyado na sina Che at never pa sila nag-meet ni Ana… D

4. Who’s #10’s best friend? Her books, dvds, marami siguro sa province nila…! book addict and film fanatic ito.

5. Have you ever eaten around #1? Yes of course, this very chinese and janet mcbride look a like friend of mine, ay napakuripot but generous sa akin… wala namang problema kasi pareho lang kami.. heheh. kaso lagi ko siyang ginogoyo…hehe..D

6. Do you miss #2? Yes! Cherime is my barkada talaga. she’ busy with her family and business. But I know, may time siya sa akin, kung kailangan ko siya. She’s one of my inspirations too.D

7. Who is #11 dating? His girlfriend… dapat lang no…

8. What do you think of #3? Very conservative, sensitive and loyal friend. Maya is my CMC barkada

9. What do you think of #9? father and husband material talaga… and of course friend din… iba na talaga ang mga may e… n. hehehe pero okay talaga itong si Kuya.. the best!

10. Who does #2 like? Ngayon? ang Chinese husband niya and her two kids… na parehong inaanak ko. D

11. Would you marry #8? Pwede ba! hahaha

I’m passing this meme to Leng-Leng and Eka,


May-akda: Ate Jevs

fairy god sister ni Hitokirihoshi ng, eat food, sing songs, explore life, travel places, meet people and love...advice/stories/tips

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