tula ni Emie: Here I am send me

ikinatutuwa ng “head to toe” ang tula na isinumite ni Bb. emie Batalla sa inyong lingkod. naway sa tulang “Here I am Lord” ay makadelehinsya kayo ng aral at makakubra kayo ng inspirasyon. Mabuhay ka Bb. Batalla!!


Here I am send me!


Whom will I send?

That’s Your favorite question

Whom will I send?

That’s the question I need to answer

In Your infinite might

You change one’s person lives

By Your power

You change my mind


Whom will I send?

Let me know where will u send me

Whom will I send?

Will I be happy there?

I know You need my heart …


Whom will I send?

I don’t know what lies ahead

The picture is still gloomy

I can’t figure it out


Although I don’t see the path I’ll take in

But then as YOU said so then I will go

Many times You reveal your Love to me

And there’s no doubt in me right now

That you will not take care of me


Ask the question then I’ll answer you

Whom will I send?

Here I am, send me


Copyright Dec 2007

Imelda batalla


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